Monday, August 23, 2010

Postal Service.

^from Kristina in Slovenia (kind of rhymes!) a sweet girl i met through postcrossing. She's working at a chocolate shop during the summer & sent me a piece of deliciousness! + a vintage postcard of where the chocolate shop stands now.

^from L. Nicole / the cute peach card reminds me of GA!

^beautiful Marilyn postcard from Carrie : LOVE it!

^love this handmade postcard from Phoenix

^another handmade one from L. Nicole (using her dad's old film rolls- love!), a cute postcard from Erin while on her holiday in London! she wrote, "would you believe that Canada House is located next to a big ol' restaurant called The Texas Embassy? Coincidence? I think not!" --her country and my State... she is too cute, that Erin!, carnival pretty from Carrie Marie

^from CW (thinking of you Caiti girl!)

^the sweetest thank-you card from a beautiful soldier in Iraq- remember the girly package i sent Christina? 

^from Belen : love the knickers envelope, especially because i had just posted about wanting to wear more pretty things.  pretty heart and teddy bear confetti came out of this happy letter!

^THE CUTEST POSTCARD EVER! this is from Steph's little boy Zack (twinkie's bff just joined postcrossing and since her little one likes to get mail, she signed him up (isn't that precious of her to do?) OF COURSE i had to send him one! i LOVED his reply and his handwriting. just darling!) he's asking me to visit when the fair comes to town because we had so much fun the last time we went. I love it!

^speaking of love, April sent me a mug for my coffee mug collection. She said she thought it was "plain" so she added italian words from the pages that meant so much to me. As if she didn't touch my heart already... remember my feature on her about loving her music taste? she made me TWO mixed tapes. I think it's love, April *wink j'adore the way you decorated the covers AND my new favourite mug! 

^my favourite postcrossing from Tawain : don't you love when people pay attention to your taste? 

well most of them! i failed to take pics of a lot of postcards and one or two letters but i figured i'd overload you as it were *wink

^reply to Phoenix

^reply to Kristina in Slo

^package for Bianca 

^faiza posted about my little thankyou 

^reply to Belen : includes a card that reminded me of her Charlie girl! (Belen at my job finding homes for puppies, can i just tell you i want to take ALL the shih-tzus home? but i would keep their hair short exactly like your baby's!)

and since claire got her belated birthday gift, here's what i sent to my favourite Leo! (faiza, see? i've totally made use of the TX maps you sent me... in fact, with Claire's package- i marked places that meant something to me)
claire's home decor is bohemian/gypsy so when i saw the floral & candle- they just reminded me of her. Also for her casa is a crocheted doily momma made. Adore wire word embellishment from bird on a wire on etsy (it's our favourite word!). Poetry always reminds me of Claire & since the 1st day of school was also on her birthday, i had to send her some teaching supplies. My main gift was a custom zodiac constellation embroidery from Miniature Rhino of Leo & What's your vintage zodiac sign ring made by Louise Rose.  

^claire texted me this pic of her with her new ring. Love it! read her sweet words {and check out her birthday love} on her blog.  Claire you are my favourite! ADORE and love you xo


Melissa said...

Wow, so many fun things! How do you get involved in all these great projects?

P.S. After my test was over today, I spent the rest of the day in Hampden, one of my favorite parts of town, looking for your gifts!

Karina said...

Such pretty mail both outbound and incoming. Oh to have your mailbox always full of happy mail it helps the bills feel lighter ; ). Hope you had a great beginning of the week. Lots of love Kary xoxoxo..... And lots of kisses and hugs from Miguelito to the four of you ; ).

Micaela said...

through blogs or postcrossing- so many have become "real" friends :) i'm all about birthdays and i consider claire a best friend! x so excited for our swap!

carmar76 said...

I love all your mail! My goal is to one day (soonish) get into a mail in and out every day! <3!!!

(and my verification word is "blesses", which you certainly do!)

Gracie said...

Ahh you have some of the absolute best mail posts ever! I have received your beautiful letter!! I'm going to use my new pretty stationery for the reply letter :)

I think you gift to Claire is ever so thoughtful. You really are one of the absolutely sweetest girls alive!!

Claire Kiefer said...

How much do I love this post? THIS MUCH!! :) I wish you had some clue as to how much I cherish every single thing you sent me! You are so dear to me, as is each of your sweet gifts. :)

The peach card reminds ME of Georgia, too!

Love you, my dear, and can't wait to chat soon. Sending lots of love east . . .

Ria said...

Lovely, lovely mail, both sent and received :D

I'm totally worried that something terrible has happened to the letter (and precious doily) you sent me... it went to my new address right?

I hope it's ok, whereever it is!!

Erin said...

Yay! Glad you got postcard #1... I sent #2 this morning.

I'll be home this weekend, so you can write to me again. You will, won't you? Ooh, and I think I've got a giant letter waiting for me when I get there, haven't I?


Phoenix Peacock said...

oooh I get so excited when I see your mail posts, especially when it hints that I'll SOON have mail from you!! Whoohooo.

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