Monday, August 16, 2010

Postal Service.

seriously, i adore love letters from my sweetest blog friends. Whoever thinks happy mail doesn't promote friendship? obviously isn't blessed to connect to such beautiful hearts around the world like i do. i count each of you as true friends that i get to know more and more through letters and the prettiest mail art. I can not thank you enough! xo

from birthday girl claire 
^the prettiest wrapper containing the prettiest written work of Nin. I can't put it down! an M magnet (how i love monograms), and the most perfect card to go with such a gift (i want to frame it!) love you Claire! xoxo

^from Blanca (love the deers!)

^home made cards from Phoenix are my favorite.

^from L. Nicole : traveling journal & a book that is so me (love letters? yes please!)

^i can not tell you how excited i was to get Bianca's envelope of loveliness!!! (not to mention i wish i had her handwriting) Her collage postcards are fabulous - get yours here.

this next inbound was a complete surprise and touched my heart! remember when i told you about my blog crush on Eli And Toggle? look what came in today...
^oh my God right? It was like christmas!!! a heartfelt type written letter, postcards, paper hearts, my favourite diana mini print of hers, and a handmade purse made with italian leather she got while in Italia. AMORE AMORE AMORE!!! Eli & Toggle, you completely made my Monday. Completely! x

^postcard from Janette : i asked her to share her favorite quote from a favourite novel

^care packages from my momma are my favourite esp when it included homemade cookies we appropriately call "chunky monkeys." (She said they were for Max, not me ha) + a Florida mug twinkie got me while on her trip to the beach

^to Farah

^replies to Maria & Caiti (SO happy you got the job!)

^postcard i made with my favourite excerpt to Janette

^postcrossing going to Australia

^reply to Nicola 

^hand made postcard to L. Nicole + a page in the traveling journal that i wrote

^a little back-to-school note for Kary's son Miguelito (one of my favourite things about starting a new school year was school supplies! in fact, me and twinkie always got fun craft packs for birthdays and holidays) Hope you guys had fun in Mexico!

^reply to Blanca

since Tillie got her birthday gift, i can show you the card & what i sent:
^(Til loves Betty Paige) Hard Candy red lippie, a mixed tape, vintage earring/brooch set & a thank-you card for the book she sent to help me find joy in a dark time.

speaking of birthdays...

^the main gift i ordered for Claire came in today (of course!) so this will be on it's way to her tomorrow...

i am blessed. truly blessed. xoxo 


Tillie said...

best birthday card everrrr! haha i have something coming your way soon! i need to get back to doing happymail posts haha i have been so slack not taking photos.

love your face! and have a new project coming up that you MUST be apart of! xox

carmar76 said...

seriously, where do you all find these amazing envelopes and mailers? do you make them? i want to be creative like that!! idk if i could be, but i wanna be! *laugh*

Lauren Nicole said...

ditto on your opening paragraph, as you know already. :]

all your mail is so fabulous and wonderful, incoming and outgoing. i really cannot pick one piece that i love more than the rest to comment on, it's all so brilliant!

so happy about this journal. end of story. :]

- L

Belen said...

eee i love bianca's mail!

so you know those "word verification" boxes? the one i need to type says "swine u." lol. thought i'd throw that in there...

Claire Kiefer said...

You are a part of my day that I always look forward to--every day. :)

Megan said...

I totally agree happy mail does promote friendship!
I love the postcrossing card to Australia.

Fabi said...

Oh I wish I would get school supplies mail as well ;)! Now that I am restarting school I feel like being new to it. :) And I am so excited to buy all the stuff for school like new pens and such.

I love your mail :)! You make the envelopes so special :)

Jumbleberry Orchard said...

Mum's cookies - yum!

And my Mum is just the same, if I tell my Mum that I'm visiting with Daniel she says 'oooh, I'll get a good joint of beef then!'

...and I'll have something meatless from the back of the freezer then - thanks Mum ;-)

I can't wait to send you the magazine, though I fear that my package won't be nearly as pretty as these ones! They're amazing!

Leesh said...

I love Bianca's handwriting too!

Gracie said...

I adore your mail posts. They are always so fun of goodness and loveliness.

I need to get more creative with my envelopes and packaging. It would make them look even better.

And I want a travelling journal now :) That looks awesome!

So many wonderful, beautiful things!

Faiza said...


anne of green gables is one of my favorite books. that quote is terrific!

Every Little Counts said...

henry and june!

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