Saturday, August 21, 2010

off to work {on a saturday} ... this song will be blasting in my head all day.

(thank-you Lauren for including it in the mixed tape you sent! love it.)


L A C E Y said...

wow, i really like this song. thanks for sharing. :)

Lauren Nicole said...

i LOVE that song. and i love florence. both are just amazing and so beautifully unique. :] as are you, love!

- L

Claire Kiefer said...

Pretty song! And funny title re: your work. :) I want to gush about all your amazing gifts over the phone this weekend if possible! I'm around tonight and tomorrow day, sending you tons of love and looking forward to a proper catch up session. xxxxxoooo.

Melissa said...

Yes! I love her music, and this song is exceptionally good -- it really shows her powerhouse voice!

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