Monday, December 22, 2008

I used to be that girl at the parties...

the WONDERFUL S of Mother and Bride described me & alcohol to a T... in her words:

I have a love/hate relationship with alcohol.
(I love alcohol
alcohol hates me.
And in the morning
we both feel dirty).

I love this girl, and i ESP. loved her post "On Drinking."
Because haven't we all been there?!?!!?

I told her that me and tequilla broke up the night before my college graduation... can i just say my father nearly disowned me.

Whilst drinking, I get touchy feely (c hates this!). Case and point: Here I am at an 80's dress up party [actually in my defense, my co-worker seemed drunker than me! ha & honestly, he made a comment about stuffing his jeans... we had to investigate, the reporters we were!]
here I am with his then bf at another shindig at mine and C's:

and here's halloween 2007... when drunk, i will take the humiliating pic i wouldn't otherwise have been in:

This could all have been fun drunk micaela. Chris hates when I drink too much that i become that crying oversensitive drunk. lol I'm a huge believer that drink makes the truth come out...

i have often confessed sins like a confessional after one too many cosmopolitans. I can't say that is the best time to make those decisions... BUT... me and C have gotten closer because of my 3 a.m. out-sitting-on-the-porch smoking one too many cigarette nights.

Truth be told, the first time I told him I loved him (though I had known it for awhile) was on my drunk 22nd birthday. I made him say it to me as he carried me- literally CARRIED me- to my friend's car. The next morning i lay awake MORTIFIED i had said anything. Bless his heart he told me he meant it when he said it back...
Even though it wasn't the most romantic moments, looking back, we moved a step in our relationship.

After a week of embarrassment i was able to laugh it off as it was my birthday! i had the right to get sh*t-faced! ha.

oh alcohol... it is DEFINITELY you, not me. ;)

thank you lover for putting up with me! for holding my hair when i puked... for getting me whataburger at 2 a.m. all those nights... for putting me safe to bed... for loving me, even when i've had one too many! xo

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EliandMe said...

You truly know a man loves you when he holds your hair while you puke x

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