Tuesday, December 30, 2008

his family.

This is my favorite thing we own. His grandmother crocheted their last name gorgeously, don't you agree?
I would love to give this to our daughter someday... ;)

This is an end table with a mesh of our lives...
We found that framed photo (top left) of his father while digging up the Christmas tree. He looks like his Dad. :) I wish I could have known him...
I would guess that's where he gets his wit, his looks, and his charm.

one of my favorite stories of C's family is one he told me about his Mom. He said that her Dad would take the light from a firefly and place it on her finger like a diamond. How darling!!!

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Meg said...

I got a new camera too!! Okay, so I love the story about the lightning bug and diamond ring. Happy New Year

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