Monday, December 1, 2008

the pretty birthday girl.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to sweet girl LAUREN!!!!
who is the best of girlfriends with another girl dear to my heart, my twinkie.

this birthday girl is full of love and giggles!!!
[us at karokee, C serenading us]

she loves wearing pink lips

mixed with glitter eyes [st. Patrick's day]

the birthday girl is THISCLOSE to another girl i adore, her sister Mehele. [they are so festive too! you should see their house right now, decked out in Christmas galore!!!!]

and when it comes to love... is a smitten kitten! she loves this movie esp for that reason:

she also loves Taylor Swift and jams it in "the bus"...

speaking of music! she also introduced us to the band we lalaLOVE, "Brazos Stone!"
Birthday Lauren uses cute words like, "I am tootered" and will call you "poot" and say things like, "when i was a little grasshopper."

she's SOOO CUTE!

she's lauren, the birthday girl we love!!!! :)


ps. I mean just look at how CUTE she is! She just emailed me this:

i sent u a picture to u'r phone.
i went a little crazy today!!!

black dress...
blue tights....
silver knit legwarmers.....
high heels...
you should see the looks im getting!!
haha :)
Lauren I LOOOOVE it!!!!

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