Wednesday, October 7, 2009

dear Max,

i can't stop smiling.

and it's because of you.

i have never been this happy.

YOU make me so happy.

sometimes i want to pinch myself because i don't know how i got so lucky.

i love our little chat dates.

i love seeing your smile.

i love how we still manage to dance in our undies... even though we're miles apart.

you can only be that silly when you're in love.
completely in love. like i am for you.

you are my favorite person ever.

you are everything good in my life.

i love you more +1,

chunga xo

ps. i told you that this would be the first painting

we'd hang up in our new home.

i can't wait... for the next chapter

in the "story of us."


Marisa said...

that is just beautiful M-
i can feel your happiness through the screen...

ps love that picture

missy. said...

ahh that painting.. it is magnificent. i love it.

you two are fantastic together. how lucky are you?

Jayne said...

This is the sweetest thing I've ever read. :) I'm SO HAPPY for you and your love!

Geisslein said...

Sweet girl - you deserve it, you deserve this big big love, I am so happy for you! and - btw: I love that picture! nighty night, tanja

Max said...

that was a sweet post...thank you.

it has been weird video chatting with you. i just keep staring at you. i can just look at you and smile...i keep thinking of things to say to keep you on the line.

i love you!

Annie said...

you two have never ending puppy love!! i'm jealous!!
you two are going to be the CUTEST couple forever ;)

Marisa said...

"i keep thinking of things to say to keep you on the line."

OMG - M -
he is just not your average guy... so emotionaly expressive... amazing!

Kaylen said...

love! i love seeing how you feel about him. spread a huge smile across my face.

also i LOVE that painting. dareisay, where did it come from? i kind of want it. or i kind of want to recreate it.

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