Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I had a date with Bono last night... and he took me to the New Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

"Hey! Sexy boots
Get on your boots yeah!...

Foxy Boots"

BONO told me to in song, so i did. oh and i didn't forget my leather jacket like Bono's signature one.

we sat in section 127 which is awesome considering how massive the New Dallas Cowboys stadium is. Me & my brother-in-law Philip always said seeing U2 would be spiritual... we felt that way about Coldplay and now we can say we've seen both together.

lovies, i have NO words to tell you how fabulous, amazing, in awe i was...

there are no words.

to borrow from Dallas Morning New's review: "For about two hours the U2 members sang and played with passionate precision."

It's amazing how Bono's voice sounds just as good as it did back when. It's powerful. It gave me goosebumps. It had me on my feet THE WHOLE TIME. It didn't seem like 2 hours, it was a Beautiful Day, one i didn't want to end.

i think my heart burst when he sang "Walk On" with (always the brilliant) Edge.

But during "With Or Without You"... i felt very much without.
without my darling friend there next to me-- holding me like he would have, had he been there.
i thought of him every single second.

it was almost the best night of my life. unforgettable.
a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Katie said...

the new stadium is incredible in itself, but these pictures are AMAZING! it must have been such an exciting experience!

missy. said...

It sounds like heaven my dear!! So glad you were able to enjoy that but so sorry darling friend couldn't be there w you. Much love!

Arianna Belle said...

Wow sounds amazing! I definitely hope to experience a concert like that! I know my husband REALLY wants to go to the new Cowboy Stadium.

Farah said...

It sounds amazing darling girl! And the pictures you posted up are amazing! Well, there is always next time for you and darling friend to attend the concert together, I am sure of that. =)

Max said...

I wish I could have seen it...the pics helped though! Next time.

Belen said...

HAHA I love that you included the seating chart!!! I scrapbooked about my Jason Mraz concert and printed out the seating chart and put a gold star on my seat!!!! :))))

Belen ♥

Sara said...


Marisa said...

what an amazing time it must have been. i would have been singing at the top of my lungs the whole time...
you look just adorable.

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