Thursday, October 8, 2009

it's raining outside and since i can't sleep cos i miss max (esp on a night like this)... this makes me smile.

i talked to my baby niece Marina today.
she happily told me she got her costume.
"what are you going to be baby?"
"auntie mickey, i'm going to be a ballerina!!!"


these are cell phone pics of her last visit.
she's with auntie marianne and auntie maddie, my seesters.
twinkie kept complaining about her chin (silly girl) and marina promised she could help, she could fix it.

does that not just warm your heart???

and in the second one... she's got that Big Lechuga Smile.

i can't wait to see my baby nieces for Christmas. It's the best present ever.
i heard sophia (marina's baby seester) finally say my name today.

it warmed my heart.


Farah said...

awww...she is adorable! I want to squish her! xoxo

Lo said...

Ugh! I loved loved loved those pictures when Marianne showed me!! They cracked me up how cute she was to hide Marianne's chin!!


I love you and if you ever need a snuggle buddy I'll come over :)

Marisa said...

how adorable is she?
family love xoxo

she is beautiful like her aunties

missy. said...

so so so cute! love that she is going to be a ballerina. best little girl costumes.

The Socialite said...

Your niece is so cute! I would love to get bear hugs from a cutie patootie like her!

Geisslein said...

These pictures are SO BEAUTIFUL! So many beautiful girls, you are all so cute! Having a sister must be a great thing! And little nieces definitively are - you know I have one, she is half italian and a very cute but headstrong little lady ;o) Love her and my 2 nephews so much...Have a wonderful weekend with a lot of nice things happen! hugs and nighty night from my side at the world!

Kaylen said...

Awwww :)

that gave me warm fuzzies. i love little kids.

and auntie mickey?!?!?! so sweet!

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