Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Guest Post #2 from Max: Tomorrow is a new day.

In fact, the day after tomorrow, is a wonderful day! I have been looking forward to this day for weeks, and it’s almost here!! Friday is the day that I will pick up my love, the girl you are here reading about, from the airport! It has been a little over a month since I have seen her in person, but it seems much longer than that.

I moved here in September and it has been really tough adjusting to new settings with a new job and a new house. I have moved many times before, and it is always been an ordeal for me to find comfort in new surroundings and routines. I have never been that guy who walks into a room of strangers and starts leading the conversation. People have to warm up to me slowly and vice versa. Even though this is the town I grew up in, oddly I never really felt like I belonged here. Being back here again seems to confirm it in a lot of ways.

The friends I did have here in the past have largely moved away or are busy with new lives and wives and kids. The house I rented had a busted furnace. I have been working some very irregular hours.

But the last time I moved somewhere new, I met a girl who said to me, “we are going to be best friends.” I thought she was a little crazy at first, but I was smitten. She was right, after a little while, she WAS my best friend. And after that she became the dominant force in my life. Thinking of her has made this awkward adjustment easier. If you couldn’t guess, I am talking about Ms. Dolce Vita! I believe I was “supposed” to meet her and the universe brought me to Texas for just that reason.

Chatting with her makes every day brighter. I probably drive her nuts calling and texting and skyping all the time, but I can’t stop. It is an addiction. My life is empty without her and I think about her constantly. I saw this in the snack machine at work and instantly I thought of her.

Texas. It’s a long way away.

But this weekend, I am bringing my favorite thing about Texas closer to me. When the first leaves started to change here, I had forgotten how pretty it is. This is the weekend of the peak fall foliage. Fall is our favorite season, in fact, we said we would get married in the fall. So, I had to share the beauty of the fall colors with my favorite beauty. And she is coming FRIDAY!!

If you are bored, sorry. I am wrapping this up. Your friend Micaela is the light in my life and the past month has been very dark. Being without her has made me realize how much I love her. Below is a picture from my (our) porch a few weeks ago…the leaves are just starting to change. This weekend, I hope you can share the leaves with someone you love, too.


Micaela said...

i love you Maxie. This touched my heart... you are my heart.

i love our story... me confidently telling you we were going to be best friends. Soon, I will have to share the story of us.

I can't believe I'm going to see you soon!!!! my technical husband. I can't wait... and it's the little things that will mean the most. We both agreed- holding hands outside the airport.

Sleeping in the same bed in what will become our new house.

I can't wait to see you.
and just so you know... you never drive me nuts. You do, but in a good way ;)

i can't wait to watch the leaves change on our porch.

i can't wait to be with you again.

i love you, you know. xxx

Marisa said...

this is the sweetest exchange...

Belen said...

That was so beautiful, Mr. Max. I'm so excited for the both of you to reunite on Friday. What's even more exciting is that my bes pren is leaving Friday to reunite on the east with her "technical husband" as well! He's in the Navy and she's flying out to Chicago for about a week to see him.

I'll be thinking of the *4* of you this weekend. Love and best wishes,
Belen ♥

Belen said...

*Oops, I mean Maryland.


I think I was so blown away by this post my thoughts were jumbled!

Belen ♥

missy. said...

ahh this is precious. dolce lady you are so lucky. i am SO unbelievably excited for you to go see darling friend! my heart is just so happy for you!! i hope you have a WONDERFUL visit.

lindsey said...

that was really romantical and just made my heart smile!

The Socialite said...

Oh my! Keep posting these wonderful posts Max. Us girls over here are swooning and cheering for you & cutie Micaela! :)))

Marisa said...

ps ... i tagged you

Krissa said...

Oh...I loved reading this...You guys are so cute!!!! How exciting to see each other after such a long cant believe its been a month!
I hope you guys have a great time!!!!!

Thanks for posting Max!

brown eyed girl said...

You guys are so adorable :).

PS: I saw a sign that said "Chunga" the other day and immediately thought of you and Max's nickname for you. :)

Fallon said...

How sweet!

buhdoop said...

That is so beautiful.

Geisslein said...

O H M Y G O D !
Max - I´ve cryed a little bit now! How lovely your words are for this cute, crazy, little texas girl! I am so happy for you 2! Wish you all all all the best!

Micaela said...

Belen, that is so sweet of you and I am SO HAPPY for your BP! I know that her situation is much harder... I can't even imagine. Please tell her my thoughts are with her too.

Laura, how cute you remembered he calls me "chunga." That made me smile big! (:

buhdoop, nice to meet you! speaking of special meanings... i love what your blog name means. cute!

Geisslein, my girl in Germany- your message might have just been the absolute sweetest. I'm thinking of you.

M, (birthday girl tomorrow!!!!!!) totally can't wait to play along in a tag. thank-you!!!! hearts. xo

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