Saturday, October 24, 2009

a hello while on holiday with my brilliant boyfriend...

hi lovies!!! darling friend is at work, so after cleaning a bit in our lovely new house (i so can not wait to decorate it. Our landlord's Dad built it, and the format is quite kooky which i love. If it was cleaner, I'd show you pictures), i thought i'd check in with you sweet friends and show you a few photographs from my holiday.

last night he took me to a fancy pizza place called WaterStone Pizza. It had a classy bar and it was a great date with my boyfriend in Downtown Lynchburg. We sat outside the bench, and shared a few kisses... oh how i've missed his kisses.

this afternoon after breakfast (pumpkin pancakes... yum!), i asked him to take me back downtown because i just fell in love with it's charm. We went to the Farmers Market and this awesome craft market next door. I love craft expos because really, what's better than the homemade quality of local people? up in my arms went gems- homemade goat soap with beautiful scents, Virginia made coffee beans, and a candle holder made out of tin.

inside the craft market i was excited to see this eatery- Philippine Delight! (belen, oh man.. . as soon as i saw their sign, i soooo thought of you!!! when you visit me in VA, you can set up your jewelry booth and then I'll get us some Pansit & Adobo). It was too bad me and Max already ate, because i would have loved to be reminded of my Mom's cooking. Of course i met the owner who was happy to see a fellow filipino. Max said our little hello's were cute. We told him we would be back Monday, since Max has to work tomorrow night.

back in Texas, my brother Marco got to spend time with my family and i was sad i missed him, so i had to email a picture.

and then some of the things we bought for our Virginia home:
framed art (she's playing hopscotch) + a couch and matching sofa chair.

Max wasn't sure about this set, but it was a steal and just the kind of couch i've always wanted-with a vintage feel.

so that's what your Micaela has been up to. Max texted me after he left for work and said, "I miss you. Is that crazy?" my reply: "No cos i miss you! I'm here- it feels nice to say that."

him: "I am so happy you are here. I can't wait for you to be my wifey."

le sigh. I'm in love, completely and WHOLE-heartedly.

ps. besides seeing my brilliant boyfriend, i have LOVED seeing my other daughter, Bubbles. She is modeling her strawberry halloween costume for you guys. Isn't she precious?

and OF COURSE visiting with his parents.

they're really cute,

and genuinely sweet to me,

this crazy girl

who's stolen their only son's heart.



missy. said...

Your comment made my night. I love you darling.

And those pictures are fantastic! I am SO happy you are with your darling friend. My heart sings for you!! I love it!

I have missed your posts.

Enjoy your last few days!

Julia said...

I am glad you are having fun!

I am also glad you liked my love paintings. I am actually in the process of opening up a website and shop. I'll keep you posted!


Belen said...

hahaha, philippine "delight." it sounds thrilling and mysterious, hehe.

i wanna visit you so badly! i'd also really want to go on a trip to italy with you so you can show me around! :)

i'm glad you're enjoying your trip. please say hello to max and your doggie for me. :)

belen ♥

Fallon said...

Happy to hear things are going so great :) I love the sofa set you bought & the strawberry pup is adorable!

The Socialite said...

AWE! It looks like your having the most perfect little vacation! :)

I'm digging the cute vintage couch and painting! Can't wait to see pictures of the new place! Isn't moving exciting?! A new place to decorate! I love it! :)

Krissa said...

oh i am so happy you are having such a great time...I am loving the sofa and chair set too...awesome!!!!

Sanja said...

wifey micaela sounds so cute! and minnie micaela or maxies is even cuter;)

je t'aime:*

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

This is so damn cute! :) I'm glad you are having a great time :) xxx

Marisa said...

i LOVE that furniture and will go great with your style... swoon.

ps thank you for your comments about my "love story"... when you get home to my letter, please ignore emotional breakdown. LOL

Marisa said...

*it* will


CC. said...

youre a doll. does darling friend have a friend for me?!!! have fun girlie and enjoy every one of those seconds. xooxox

Kaylen said...

Awww! It looks like you guys had such a wonderful time. I love the chair and couch, and the photograph. I know you are going to make that house look amazing!!!

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