Tuesday, October 27, 2009


while darling friend was out buying a bottle opener for the fancy wine he purchased for our last night (in awhile) together... he got a dreaded call from the morning meteorologist at his station. He was running a high temperature and needed my brilliant boyfriend to cover the shift the next morning. Lovies, this means Max had to be up at 2 a.m. to be at work around 2:30 a.m.

our plans were crushed...
our joy was a little too.

but we realized, things like this (life) happens... and it's not a sign.
you just crawl into bed together (albeit early) and if you're like me, fall asleep before your boyfriend does... you know, the one that actually has to wake up early. (sorry bd!!!)

he's at work preparing for the noon show, and i can't believe in a few hours i will board a plane that will take me back to Texas. I have been spoiled these past days... it felt like "normal life" again.

this trip has made me realize 110%... he is the man i want to be with.

he's my lobster.

he's quite simply... my everything.


Speaking of being sick... i am not feeling well this morning. I am not fully awake either, until i have a cup of coffee. In the unpacking, we still couldn't place the coffee pot. I also had to take some medicine and it suggests eating something with it. So i munched on cold pizza from last night. That's when the doorbell rang... and his sweet Moma brought me a cup of coffee, half & half, splenda packets, an egg sandwich with pepper jack cheese, and 2 packets of apple cinnamon oatmeal. She even included napkins.

it was sooo very touching. Max didn't even ask her to do that.

She thought of me. It means a lot. I knew back on our first trip home to his parents, my boy comes from a good family.

(since it was an unexpected visit, i hope she didn't realize i was wearing her son's underwear around the house. At least i also had on his sweater)

and then there's this... he is letting me take home one of his favorite shirts. He joked that he wouldn't let me take it home IF he knew i wasn't coming back. What did i leave behind? my nice lingerie.

(the polka dot one is his fave)


Max said...

It is going to be hard to watch you leave! After all the free meals your Mama made, me I am glad mine can return the favor. When you move here, we can eat free food at MY parents, ha

Love you!

Marisa said...

m- have a safe trip home...
i am glad your trip was wonderful! it is the best to have great in-laws.


ps just to add to our LIST:
DH has that same T-Shirt (i'm kind of a big deal)... and i wear it to bed sometimes. xoxo OF COURSE

Belen said...

Aww. :) Well I hope you have a safe trip home. How sweet of his mom to do that for you! Good signs, good signs! And it seems like everyone's just gotten so sick this past weekend. I think I picked something up from a co-worker too. :/

Belen ♥

missy. said...

have a safe trip home my darling. i hope you feel better as well.

also i am so glad you had a good trip. i could only imagine the fun you two had together :)

Farah said...

that is so cute darling Micaela! awww....I feel like I could squish you! you guys are that cute! =)

I hope you have a safe trip home sweetie.

Kaylen said...

Awww. That is so hard. Good luck. I'm glad you had such a good time.

The Socialite said...

Max is mom is so sweet! I'm glad you have found so much peace and happiness in Max it's so lovely to see! :)

I'm loooving the leaving lingerie behind! haha ;)

Hope your trip back is safe and short, so you'll soon be back with Max! :))

Sanja said...

taking his part of clothes and leaving you him yours is exactly what mio amore&i did at the begining of our relationship;)

make home safely, sweet<3!

J. said...

I just adore you two.

p.s. ...'TAG!'

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I hope you feel better soon hon xx`

Krissa said...

I hope you have a safe trip home and I hope you feel better...How sweet of his mom to drop stuff off...that is awesome!
Loved reading this!!!

Geisslein said...

You are so cute, so super cute....love your lovely posts - Micaela, you give me hope!

Micaela said...

Max, the egg sandwich was delicious!!! it was SO sweet and thoughtful of her. I love your family already.

M, seriously we are one in the same. our similarities (besides Obama... wink!) are CRAZY!!! like shirts-- we have the same Johnny Cash one and our guys have the same shirt we "steal" and wear ;).

Belen, good sings, good signs!! i hope you're feeling better sweetie.

Sanja, it's a sexy but cute exchange isn't it? i love that you and slavisa did that as well. and you need to keep up your part of the "bargain." ;)

hearts Geiss- nicest thing you could say to me.


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