Friday, October 16, 2009

dear Max,

while shopping for a baby shower card, i saw one for "sweetest day" (which is tomorrow- i had no idea about this holiday). Just so you know, you would have gotten one... but your little ole girlfriend had no idea about this Hallmark Day. And during our chat today, you didn't either. phew.

but i saw a card for this day last night and thought it was too cute and something you would have probably given me. {because you are clever and funny}

and because i tell jokes poorly (as you know), i might mess this up:

picture two cartoon butterflies next to each other, with hearts above them.

caption: "you still give me people in my stomach."

did you get it?

i should have just bought the card huh?
maybe you would have laughed more.


it was funny! i promise.

it was cute.
kinda like you, sweetest thing.

your sucks at telling stories/jokes
Chunga xxx

"blue eyed boy meets brown eyed girl... sweetest thing"


Farah said...

so sweet! And I dont know about the rest I got the joke! ;)

Max said...

so, what you are saying is that you didnt get me anything? ha ha.

i did get the joke, btw. love you, i got you a trip for sweetest day.

lindsey said...

i love it! that is the silliest joke. i wish i thought of it and could publish cards. hahhaha. i have major news for you! get ready for a long email soon! xo have a wonderrrrrrrful day!

Micaela said...

awww yay! I'm glad "the joke" is understood. Seriously, in person, i am laughing when i tell jokes and i go, 'wait actually first this... or was it..?' ha


Lindsey, i can't wait to hear about your news!!! yay Birdie.

Max, oh but i did get you something! silly ;) it's going to be sent to our new home. Nothing tops a trip... guess what i will be doing in a week??? KISSING YOU.

missy. said...

ha i love that! so cute.

they have a sweetest day holiday? oh the things hallmark comes up with.

Lizzard said...

hahaha this is really funny and super duper cute! i didn't know about that day either, who makes these holidays up anyway?! lol

Liz @

Marisa said...

i can't believe it... i missed it. i love all those Hallmark Holidays

Faiza said...

love, love, love that butterfly card!

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