Monday, October 12, 2009

my weekend

Took Maverick to her first obedience training class.
She was the 3rd worse student. All kidding aside, something we're practicing is walking on a leash- Her first class was her first time being on one. My friend John is also taking his beagle Michelle Belle, so it's a lot of fun for them (and us) to learn together. They're about the same size/age and we call them bff's.

Air Show with twinkie & pappa.
Since we were little, my Pappa has always loved taking us to air shows. It's the one time I still feel like a kid, even at 25.

Visiting with my older brother Marco.
He's about to deploy for his THIRD tour to Iraq (I don't even want to think about it... that's another post for another day) and we got to briefly see him Sunday afternoon. He lives in AZ, but is training at an Army base about 45 mins. away from us in Oklahoma.

the little plush toy was my nieces. My brother took it when he visited this past summer, and now takes a picture with it everywhere he goes.

Whip It.
LOVED this movie. i fell in love with Ellen Page in Juno, and she was just as good here. Brilliant cast, brilliant performances: Drew Barrymore did swell in her directorial debut. Loved that it was set in Austin, loved how it captured first love... LOVED the swimming pool scene. Loved it. I told Max i wanted to be a roller derby girl for Halloween now.

i can't wait to read about your weekends.

i actually get a 4 day weekend... and not for Columbus Day {though HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY lovies!!!} but another VERY VERY VERY exciting reason... more later.

Here's a hint: I'm checking off a life list.


Marisa said...

i love air shows... so patrotic!

I saw WHIP IT this weekend too...LOVED it. I have to post about it too.

PS your brother is in my prayers everyday.

PSS are you sure i can't sneak into U2 with you?

Krissa said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!!!! I really want to see that movie too...I love Ellen Page!

I cant wait to hear your news too ;)

missy. said...

is your life list the bono thing or something else? can't wait to hear what it is if it's not bono!

Micaela said...

missy, yes bono is my life list :)

it's PRETTY big...

i saw a LEGEND.

Melissa A. said...

My husband and I went to see this movie and we both loved it too. We both like movies with Drew Barrymore. It brought back memories. I used to watch roller derby races on t.v. when I was a kid.

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