Thursday, October 22, 2009

leaving on a jet plane...

tomorrow i board a flight that will take me to VA ... that will take me to my darling friend. I have missed him sooo much. I still can't believe i'm going to see him tomorrow! [i have butterflies in my stomach] i can't wait to hug him. i can't wait to kiss him again.

we both agreed it's also the little things... like leaving the airport holding hands.

i will be sure to take lots of pictures! (in fact, i'm buying a disposable camera for this project. my swap partner will get to see what will soon be our new home together & the fall foliage) and since he does have to work a few hours this weekend, i will be sure to check in with you sweet friends.

After work, my little sister will drive me to Dallas where I'll stay at a studio suite near the airport. My flight is at 5:40 tomorrow morning (so I will be up at 3 a.m. to get ready, catch the shuttle over, etc...) and I'll stay til Tuesday evening. Only 4 nights with my boyfriend. And i know it will go by too fast, but I'm going to remember every little detail...

Max, I can't wait to see you!!!! Get ready for me, i'm not going to leave you alone for the next 4 nights and a day.

now a little note to my twin seester:

Twinkie, i already miss you! don't worry about me. I know i'm scared of flying, and I know you wish you could be there with me to make sure that I know i will be okay (i will be!) or so i can lay on you like i did at the airport in Atlanta on our way to Chicago before my flight (how much fun did we have?)... but i promise i will be okay. i will miss you!!!! and call you before i take off and when i land.

and i will forgive you when you call me every 5 minutes. (haha)

how am i ever going to move away if i miss you already and i'm only leaving for 4 days?!!!

I love you,
your twinkie soul

(pics via restart my heart)


Marisa said...

i am so excited for you...
i know you will have the best time.

don't be to nervous on the plane just find a mantra... like meg ryan in French Kiss...
"i love virgina in the sprintime, i love virgina in the fall... because my love is there."

Gabby said...

I'm so happy for you, lady! Have the best time with your man :)

Annie said...


i am SoOoOoO happy for you!!

have the bestest time ever sweetpea!!

Krissa said...

Oh how fun...I am so excited for you....i hope the time goes by slowly... :)
Have fun...and I cant wait to see pictures!!!!

missy. said...

ahh that is the best feeling in the world seeing your lover at the airport, hugging for the first time in what feels like forever and walking away with their hand in yours. oh the euphoria you will fill.

have a happy stay with darling friend. i know you will enjoy yourself immensely. hurry home to us because we will miss you!!

much love.

Anonymous said...

Aw, have a good time :)

Nicole Marie said...

have a safe super fun trip!!

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