Monday, October 19, 2009

time for another cup of tea visit...

Vanessa of Vanessa's Runway just moved in with her soon-to-be-husband and boyfriend of 6 years. She's also one of my first blog friends and for that and so many other reasons, I will always adore her.

She asked me where I get my decorating inspiration from. Honestly, I am a huge fan of "treasure finding" ; whether it's at estate sale or an antique store downtown. I love the Saturday mornings I'd wake up early and go gargae saling with my girlfriends, Mom, or Darling Friend. I always look at books, trinkets, and art.

Here are a few recent treasures:

1. this gorgeous table for $50. I love white furniture. {It has a country charm feel} This table has a white tile table top i just love! i also got these candle holders.

2. i love my entryway. it's probably my fave collage display in my house. this weekend i bought the Texas Flag piece (i love that it's made out of wood) and told Max that i bought it at a perfect time- so i can display it in our home in VA. I am FULL of Texas pride.

3. A vintage suitcase for $1 that i plan to use as storage and a vintage trash tin that I'm going to use as an umbrella holder. it matches...

4. electric candle holders. My Mom & twinkie thought these were so ugly, but i plugged them in and just fell in love. I love that it's a vintage pink. I love that i can use them when i read at night. I knew if i didn't pick them up for $5 at the estate sale, i would have regretted it. Up they went into my arms.

so as you can see... it's an eclectic kitsch of a mix. It expresses me.


Marisa said...

oh m - i die!
i love love the entry way...

plus the suitcase. i have a couple old ones... (i will send a pic)

i love your finds... as you know.


ps won't it be fun to decorate the new love nest??

The Pocket Stylist said...

Love the suitcase it is so vintage I one just like it.

missy. said...

LOVE your style of decorating. thanks for sharing a few of your secrets love.

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