Sunday, October 18, 2009

the highlight of my weekend: "unexpected visit" from my older brother.

when my older brother Marco was little, he loved "codopters." {that's how he pronounced helicopters at 5}

He was a Crew Chief in the Army and is one now for the National Guard. We found out awhile back that he was deploying to Iraq for the third time. Third time. And though we know it's his job and he understands that... I can't help but ask why him, my brother, again? another year? a whole year?

i hate watching my Momma worry about him (he is the biggest Momma's boy and admittedly so. lol) i hate hearing about a blackhawk crashing on the news. It's the worse when you hear it and your brother is over there. Your heart stops every time.

For training, we are lucky he is at Ft. Sill in Oklahoma. It's only a 45 minute drive to our Texas town.

As part of training, they have to do hours of fly time. Somehow, Marco must have talked his crew into making a "pit stop" ... because on Saturday they made one at Callfield to pick up (what he called) the goodies: Momma's fried rice and banana bread/little seester's brownies & oreo bon bons. The picture of him walking away with his goodie bag is my absolute fav. It was an unexpected visit, which somehow made it even more special.

it was literally 3 minutes we got to see him.
but it was 3 minutes i'm thankful for.

i have never seen a helicopter land or take off in person. It's pretty amazing. I saw my Pappa (retired Air Force) full of pride for his son. It was an AWESOME moment.

He even took us out for ice cream afterwards. It's times like these i still feel like a little girl.

Marco is truly my hero.
and watching him aboard his "codopter"... i realized i already missed him.

PS... A group of children from Church sent this to my parents. Adorable.


Sara said...


I don't know how I would feel if a relative is deployed somewhere..but that must feel..helpless I would say..Because you have no other choice!

I wish I could make my little siblings as proud as you are of your brother!

Marisa said...

oh m-
this just made me choke up...
how sweet and how proud you all must be and how sad to watch him go away.
he is in my prayers

Annie said...

glad you got to see him hun, even though it was for only a very short time!
your brother is a hero for everyone!

gally said...

this is amazing. we're all so lucky to have great families and you're so lucky to have such a noble man as your brother. so happy for you that you got to see him, i wish i could to the same with my siblings that live so dreadfully far away. i love your blog, and am following immediately after i submit this comment. whenever youre feeling bored, check out my blog!

Micaela said...

thanks darlings... thank-you so very much!!!

Gally, it's so good to meet you! what a cute fun name for your corner of the internet... plaid&simple. I adore that. I will have to come visit :) stop by anytime. xo

Belen said...

I love little kids' cursive. :)

I think your brother Marco is the most Filipino-looking one of the bunch! You guys are an adorable family. :)

Belen ♥

missy. said...

how fantastic. i have never had anyone in my family, that i am close to, be a part of the army. you are all brave. good luck to your brother!

Melissa Blake said...

Awww! That post made me smile! :) I'm so happy for you.

CC. said...

what a special post. what a great surprise visit. i cant imagine the anxiety of having a brother in iraq. ur more amazing the more i get to know you girlie! xoxox

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