Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a Q&A {thanks M!}

M, took a twist on this award and i loved it!!! a Q&A with yours truly:

1. what is your idea of perfect happiness? laughing with my family. Big, huge laughs that you're crying. My fun family has lots of those. I love hearing my boyfriend's laugh too; i consider him my family. Also, the feeling right after you leave church.

2. what is your most treasured possession? i had a hard time answering this one. I don't have a wedding ring or a valuable heirloom. And at the risk of sounding fairytale sick, this answer i mean: my boyfriend's heart. It's a good heart, a heart i didn't cherish the way i should have from the start. I have his heart in my possession and i know that i don't deserve it. It is my most treasured possession and i don't want to ever lose it. ever.

3. if you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be? random. though i have to share this... i was asking Max last night what he would answer for me and he said, "Joy."

4. what is your greatest fear? not fully letting someone know how much they mean to me. I never want it to be too late.

5. which talent would you most like to have? to sing. to paint.

6. what is your biggest regret? hurting someone i love by being careless.

7. what or who is the greatest love of your life? my future husband but always, always my twinkie soul, marianne.

8. what is the trait you most deplore in yourself? being excessive in everything. M, i'm with you.

9. what would you be doing right now, if nothing could stop you? on a plane to VA, to be with my darling friend. Redecorating our new home. Hugging him.

10. what do you value most in your friends? loyalty and having fun simply "hanging out." openness. your true friends are the ones who won't judge you.


missy. said...

i love that your most treasured possession is darling friends heart. that right there shows true love.

you amaze me sweet micaela

J. said...

Love you, pretty girl.

♥Aubrey said...

Great answers...i luv your's sooo true.

Krissa said...

oh i love your most treasured tender and precious!
I absolutely loved reading this about you!!! so honest!

Belen said...

My glasses are failing me.

For a blind second, I read "life is but a dress."

Buuut... that could still be a cool idea! :)

Belen ♥

MArisa said...

such a great list... your fear: that is so true for me too.

how lucky DF is to have someone such as yourself to guard his heart. ~ perfect answer.

Lo said...

4. what is your greatest fear? not fully letting someone know how much they mean to me. I never want it to be too late.

So true. Tell them everyday...because someday they may not be here to tell anymore.

Never leave kind words unspoken.

The Socialite said...

Loved the Q&A! :)

I bet you love to Karaoke - don't you?!

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