Friday, October 16, 2009

Someday, I want to sign my name as Mrs. {insert future husband's first & last name}...

when i worked retail, the cute old ladies used to sign their checks like that and i thought it was precious. At 17, i knew that's what i was going to do someday.

Someday, i'm going to going to have babies with the name i sign.
i'm going to call them their minnie-me's.

i don't have baby fever just yet...
but today at lunch i had a baby shower for a girl i used to work with.

going shopping for her little girl-to-be was so much fun. So many cute things for little girls.

someday, i'm going to going to have babies with the name i sign.

ps.... future husband, the shoes weren't on her registry but you will know this KNOWN fact very well: i love shoes. in fact, you'll get mad at how much space i will take in our closet with my heels.

but you would have smiled at the add-on gift of pink shoes because you would have thought, "it's so micaela, it's so my wife."


missy. said...

yay for beautiful beautiful shoes. i'm sure you'll love my new ones that i can't wait to show you ;) have to wear them first before i can show them off.

those baby shoes are soo cute. love it!

Sara said...

baby girls' clothes just make me fall in love over and over again!

They make the cutest things for babies!

marisa said...

how cute did you wrap that?
i wanna have another just so i can have a shower and open a gift like that

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