Sunday, October 4, 2009

i vow to wear more embellishments.

i'm a simple girl when it comes to jewelry.
i tend to think i can't pull it off effortlessly.
so i'm vowing to wear more of it.

these are my current favorite pieces:

The flower pendant i got at a garage sale. A neighbor across the street had one where a cute little old lady was selling a lot of her jewelry. She was touching the pieces i bought and told me she remembered when she wore this one or that one, and you could tell she was recalling memories. i told her i looked forward to creating my own stories wearing them, just like she had.

The vintage styled AMOUR necklace i bought from oh hello friend's etsy.

The Black Wire Bird Nest Necklace is probably my fave. It's unique and for that reason, is always complimented. And then i get to tell them that my pretty friend Belen made it. {You should check out her etsy shop, Belen's Boutique}. My pictures don't do it justice- get a better view here. and while you're at it, check out this cute cute cute rabbit necklace i just purchased from her! isn't she talented?

Let's see how i do on this vow.

The piece i am not taking off for awhile, i have not pictured yet. That will be another day... and no, it's not an engagement ring...


ONiC said...

love the flower pendant. its so vintage.

Belen said...

eee! i love your style micaela! i wish you could take me on a shopping spree and dress me up lol.

i realize i haven't been keeping up with my DUC! ahh!

i can't wait to send out the necklace to you! :)))

i need to find a garage sale around here. i'm in desparate want to rummage around, yknow? sigh.

belen ♥

Sara said...

I'd never take them off if I were you, they're lovely!

Marisa said...

i am the same way (of course), i barely wear any jewelry. A pair of studs, and my wedding ring...
but i love to look at it and wish i had the nerve to wear more.

i love the story about the lady at the garage sale... that would get me.

Micaela said...

ONic, and it goes with everything! and is the perfect length... it hangs between my cleavage- and since i don't have any... ha

Belen, i would love it if you were my doll to dress up :) i sometimes feel like you're my little sis (we're both filipina!) and i would let you borrow anything in my closet. I loveee rummaging around! love it. we'd go gargae saling every saturday if i was there.

thanks Sara!!! :)

M, i knew you would appreciate that story. You, my gypsy girl, should be all about the jewelry ;)

Farah said...

oooo I really love that bunny necklace!! I've actually been thinking of getting some rings, you know big, statement type, but (okay you are gona laugh) my fingers are too...ehem...slim and I can't find any that fit....

p/s: Chanel no.5...very classy Mickey!

missy. said...

Beautiful! I am the exact opposite. I love my necklaces, especially with pendenants. Big ones. They make me happy. :) good luck on your quest to wear these more! Much love my darling.

VanessasRunway said...

OMG I just bought one of those hands this weekend! lol I love them! haha

gorgeous pieces I love the AMOUR one my fave!

Krissa said...

Oh I love them all...Thanks for posting links to those pieces...I LOVE jewelry!!!!!

Micaela said...

Vanessa, you have great taste ;)

Krissa, OF COURSE! i hope you check them out.

Kaylen said...

Okay, those are all gorgeous and I want all of them. I also am trying to wear more jewelry. I tend to not "dress up" - and THATS MY PROBLEM. i think that i must be dressed up to wear jewelry. we should make a pact or something.

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