Friday, October 2, 2009

10 honest things.

I love this award. I love the meaning behind it. I was thankful to get it the first time round, and twice as thankful to be awarded by the beautiful & smart (she just started her own business!)Arianna Belle. Thank-you!!!

Following the rules, i will divulge 10 honest things about myself, and pass it on to 7 fabulous blogs.

In the past, i've used random facts and although honest- were just random. This time, i'm going to try to get really honest. Small confessions.

1.) At 25, i have never lived alone. Always with roommates or a serious boyfriend. This is a regret.

2.) i really need to quit this for all the right reasons (health, stinks, health, expense, health!!!) but i want it for all the wrong reasons (vice, socially, habit).

3.) the following from Sense & Sensibility describes my personality (it is both my charm and deep flaw):

"She was sensible & clever but eager in everything;

her sorrows, her joys, could have no moderation."

4.) i regret the one time my pappa wanted to be a chaperon on a trip with me in junior high and i wanted my momma to go instead. my heart still hurts when i think of it. Thankfully, it was only that one time. In fact, in high school i would invite him to eat lunch with me and my friends in-the- cafeteria. i was proud of him. And just so you know... i was a senior class favorite. *wink

5.) i still miss the girls i am no longer friends with because of a falling out years ago, and wonder why when you are younger- you let the silly things matter. A friendship break-up is almost worse than one with a lover. i wonder if they ever miss me too...

6.) i stopped going to church for a good few weeks because of out of town trips or honestly- because i'd just sleep in. i went back last Sunday and needed it. i left filled with joy, comfort, and gratitude.

7.) i constantly think about my weight and wish i was more motivated to lose the pounds i've gained. i think i'd be more happier/prettier... and my boyfriend would love me more.

However, i did give away my "skinny clothes" and it felt empowering.

8.) sometimes i'd rather go to bed then "talk it out." i never used to be like that.

9.) related-- my biggest fear is being numb. being indifferent.

10.) i wrote this almost a year ago. It was weird to find it again. i am glad i found the courage to yell:

"Right now I want to yell "enough" to the man who holds my heart.

For now, I will grab take-out for the man who wants to hold my heart."


wow, i didn't expect that to be so exhausting. i winced at some of the things i shared, but i wouldn't have been awarded the honest scrap without being it right? Being more honest is something i want to do more of... honest with myself, my feelings, most importantly- my relationship.

i pass this on to these 7 fabulous blogs (i won't use the same girls who did this the first time round) :

i can't wait to read your answers!!! xo


missy. said...

you are amazing. do you know this? you totally made my wonderful day exactly what i needed it to be. thank you. thank you. and thank you. i hope you have a wonderful weekend. and if you need help quitting, let me know. my manager is on the same quest.

and.. i love that you were being honest. sometimes it's hard to do over the blog because you don't know how people will take it. i try so hard to not care and just type what i'm feeling. i do hold back a lot of the time though. i'm getting better. :)

much love to you lady! you rock.

brown eyed girl said...

Simply beautiful. Honesty is beautiful and empowering. Thanks for the tag!

Love you! :)

Jayne said...

you are so adorable, lady! :) aahh your blogs always make me all kinds of happy. <3333

Sara said...

wow..there are a lot of things we have in common! loved reading that!!

Manju said...

i also still think about the girls i am no longer friends with because of a falling out *sigh*
sad, isn't it :(

missy. said...

mmm ok.. i did it! che che check it out...

Krissa said...

oh thanks!!! I loved reading your honesty...I agree with you about friends...I often wonder the same thing.
Anywho...I have been thinking of honest randomenss all weekend and I will do it soon..haha...
Love ya tons girl...I loved opening up this post and seeing my banner

CC. said...

AWWWW thanksss chiquita!!! ur so cute! i cant wait to respond monday. wahooooo gracias gracias. xooxox

Marisa said...

thanks for the tag M -

i love these...

Micaela said...

thanks for letting me open up to you girls. and for your great answers! i love these things cos i get to find out sweet honest things that make you girls fabulous and "real."

it's refreshing.

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