Thursday, October 15, 2009

wanna hear something ironic?

remember these letters i bought?
i set them on my dresser and was pulling my GLAMOUR magazine off to read this month's, and the letters fell... the "G" breaking.

i had to laugh.

i think it gives my letters character.

today was the first day i wore my winter coat. {i've missed it}
today i also wore white heels... after labor day.


missy. said...

such a cute tattoo! what does it mean?

and i love that. it totally gives it character. how perfect!

The Socialite said...

hahaha! That's funny and so cute!

Just like Missy...the tattoo, dish!?


Micaela said...

it was a gift from my twinkie :) it is the japanese character for "heaven."

i wanted to get something i would absolutely not change my mind about...not beauty, or friendship, or even love...

but "heaven"- you can't go wrong with that right?

oh man it hurt on that part of your foot.

but it's my fave tat! it's small and cute and i always get compliments, even from people who don't like tattoos.

thanks for asking girls :)

Geisslein said...

such beautiful feet - like that picture. But tell me, how can you walk in such heels? I definitively can not, unfortunatelly. And I would love, because it always looks so great! Wish you a great weekend with lot of hugs and kisses from those you love! :o)

Krissa said...

it totally does give it character...haha...i love it!

yes i agree super super cute tatoo...and love the know how I love heels...haha..way cute!

Belen said...

Ah! I've been wanting a winter coat! :)

Belen ♥

Dennise said...

Love that picture of your feet! I love it that we don't have to abide by that ridiculous--no white after Labor Day rule anymore! Cheers!

Marisa said...

sexy shoes... love the tat.

i love those words... how perfectly ironic.

Annie said...

those letters are so cute!! kinda silly that one broke ;)

the shoes and the tat look fab, you can wear white after labor day and i'm sure you rock it! :)

have a great weekend beautiful!!

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