Tuesday, October 20, 2009

my father the artist.

i rearranged some art in the dining area after my Dad gave me a new piece.

It's called Xaltocan. It's dark... like most of his work is (his passion and inspiration is the Holocaust).

But it's beautiful and i am his biggest fan.

He also made these pottery gems. It's too bad his artistic ability didn't fall onto his 4th born girl.

But his love for God did...

and that is the greatest gift he could have ever given his children.


Belen said...

I think that it's amazing your dad's got this creative side. I wish my parents did. It'd be nice to craft with them sometimes. I use to help my dad build things, but he's getting older and his body needs to rest when he's not at work. :(

I hope I can be the mom can create with her crafty kids. :)

Belen ♥

missy. said...

your dad has an amazing talent. i love those pieces!! you are a lucky lady.

Sara said...

wow...your dad is so talented and inspiring! I love his use of colours! My dad is an anaesthesiologist...how creative,eh?

Marisa said...

that painting is gorgeous... i love his use of color.

don't you just love pottery? I love going to craft fairs and buying handmade pottery pieces. There imperfections are just amazing.

isn't it wonderful to have such creative fathers? the passion that it takes to create is such a wonderful quality to have in a dad!

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