Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a love collage of sorts...

click image to see it bigger.

i fell in love with Max's Y card from his old city, and stole it before we even started dating. Same with his Senior year picture. I kept it in my wallet. He wasn't even my boyfriend yet, but i would smile every time i made a purchase or showed my drivers licence and see his info in my wallet. how can a simple action like this (his card and old photograph tucked in my wallet) already make us feel so intimate... even before we were?

that's how it has always been with my darling friend.
instant comfort.

the magazine cut-out is of actress renee zellwegger & bf Bradley Cooper. I saw this photo and thought- that looks like mine and Max's style. The way they are dressed is like us to an almost T. It made me giggle.

and the card was from our early relationship that made me happy all over again. The front said, "When I'm around you... I'm a little wilder, a little braver, a little funnier..." it was perfect. i love what he wrote, but especially that last line:

"You are so important to me. Critical."

is it hard to see why i'm in love with this man???

i've said this before,
and i'll probably say it a thousand times more:

he is the best thing that has ever happened to me.


lindsey said...


J. said...

this is fabulous. :)

Farah said...

sweetness! xoxo

Belen said...

Pretty much amazing. That, it is. :)

Belen ♥

Manju said...

love it! :)

MArisa said...

OF COURSE you woud have a pic of DF from his senior year in your wallet....

this is just sweet and i love his notes to you.

raquel & raul said...

That is so cute! & I love how expressive he is! :)

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