Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sweet Fancy.

i was looking for a thoughtful gift to get darling friend to let him know how much i missed him.

i fell in love with Fallon's blog "Sweet Fancy" and her beautiful handmade pillows. When i saw her postcard pillow that you can personalize, i knew that would make the perfect gift for Max. It's original, would have my little message, and (as he said upon receiving it)- it's "so me."

since i was sending it straight to darling friend, Fallon was sweet to take photos of the finished gift for me. I can share it with you now, since he got it yesterday:

as the front of the postcard, i chose her keys please fabric.
it seemed to go well with the message, and also from her shop pictures- i could tell it would go on any color couch.

It was almost more special that Max got it yesterday, when i left only the day before.

Thanks again Fallon! it was perfect.

with the holidays coming up, i suggest having a look at Fallon's Etsy store, Olive Handmade. She also has a cute vintage shop called "My Vintage Backyard."

{i'm wanting this charming teacup set}


Adorably Distracted... said...

awww I love these!

Marisa said...

i saw these the other day an am just dying to send on off... what a clever girl.


Marisa said...


ps there is nothing quite like sipping coffee/tea out of a lovely cup and saucer... charming

missy. said...

oh my heck. i love it! i am totally going to get one of these now.

darling friend is lucky to have you!

The Socialite said...

OH MY! I Loooove them! My sofa is missing one! ;)

Fallon said...

You're so very welcome!!

Meg Fee said...

okay, christmas gift. check. love this, thanks for sharing.

jessica, a miniature rhino said...

these are great! they're my etsy favorites. mail can be so special and fun! off to check out the postcard exchange you're a part of...

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