Sunday, October 25, 2009

do you remember... ?

when we were just best friends?
[with maybe intense chemistry]
we weren't a couple here, but look how close we always were.

i probably was telling you a silly joke.
and we all know how bad i am at it, so maybe you were teasing me.

either way, i'm glad our friend snapped this shot.
i love this picture because of how wrapped up i clearly was in this captured moment.

it was before "us."
but not really...

looking back, i think we both knew even then... even then we were meant to be together.

max & chunga.

*ps. have you noticed in most photos of us together,
i am always facing you. i noticed that when i snapped
this photograph of our old mantle.

like i can't stop cuddling your face.
or kissing you. or biting you.

i can't stop.

so hurry home after you do the news, my brilliant boyfriend.
and come kiss your "technical wifey" who has been cleaning
our future home.

(and watching football)

kiss me and kiss me and kiss me...

because Tuesday is coming all too soon.


Max said...

That is a cute pic...I always liked that one. I think you bit me right after that, ha. Can't wait to see you after I get out of work!

PS I think I will cry when you leave and embarrass you at the airport.

missy. said...

oh my goodness. micaela! this was so cute. i am incredibley jealous of you. keep him close forever lady.

Belen said...

ahh mahh gahhhd.
you two are the cutest. max's "PS" in his comment above is so nice to read. :)

i want a Love to nuzzle.

belen ♥

Belen said...

lol, so i re-read this while/after positing about it and realized you bite him.

i bite my friends and family too, hahaha. but playfully of course. hahaha. :)

belen ♥

Farah said...

that is seriously such a cute picture! and I am feeling depressed for you as well. Tuesday is gona come real soon! =(

Geisslein said...

such a cute picture ;o)
hugs for you Beauty!

Marisa said...

offically my favorite picture of you two...

Annie said...

what an adorable picture!!
you two are just too CUTE!
when will you both be in the same state? living in said future home together?!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I love this photo - it is TOO cute!


The Socialite said...


You're so flirtatious and sassy - of course he had to fall deep. :)

You two are so lovely together! You warm my heart right up!

Anonymous said...

Love that. Lucky you. :)

Manju said...

this picture is ADORABLE.
you can feel the love from it :)

Lauren said...

i love this post! it reminds me of my boyfriend and i, we were best friends before we were dating and had cute pictures like that. :)

and i think its adorably your boy commented on this post as well, hehe.

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