Friday, October 9, 2009

my lovies, my friday feels like a monday.

i am exhausted.

enjoy your weekends sweet girls. xo
pic 1, 2


The Socialite said...

That's why I'm eating a whole Doritos bag. It's worth it sometimes.

Have a lovely weekend gorgeous!

P.s I need scary movie recommendations! Got any?!

♥Aubrey said...

Have a wonderful weekend...put your feet up and relax pretty lady!!!

Manju said...

the weekend's here just in time then :)
have a fun relaxed one ^^

brown eyed girl said...

I hope your Saturday feels like a Friday :).


Arianna Belle said...

Hope you get a chance to get some rest and relaxation this weekend - you deserve it!!



Geisslein said...

enjoy your time :o)
hugs and nighty night, geisslein

CC. said...

i love pic 2. i saw it and saved it in an inspiration folder. hope youre having a good wknd love!

Meg Fee said...

lovely little nieces you have, lovely little postcards, and lovely little words you give. hope the weekend was a good one.

i keep thinking about you because i'm just about to write husband to be a letter and its based off of the poem by john ashberry (?) at north farm that you drew everyone's attention to after reading HAPPENS EVERY DAY. so look out for it and know that i'm thinking about you!

love, love to you,

Marisa said...

hope your weekens went well...
i thought of you.

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