Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ben Ali, I'm glad I got to experience your Chili Bowl

This past summer when we went to D.C., Nakita took us to Ben's Chili Bowl. She said it was legendary and we HAD to experience it. We waited in line (even though it was midnight) and it was worth every bit of the chocolate shake i had.

There's a sign of people who eat there for free and along with Bill Cosby, was Barack Obama. {I believe though it said he paid.} It's a landmark, a must for all those visiting Washington.

Max sent me an email today, informing me that Ben Ali, who founded the restaurant in 1948, died Wednesday at his home. He was 82.

i think he led a good life... i hope he did. Ben, just so you know... we loved your charming place. It was part of a trip that really changed mine and darling friend's relationship. It made us stronger. So to you, i say cheers and thank-you! and I have a feeling God loves Chili...

pieces of Max's email:

"i had a great time with you that night (well, that whole trip). that trip really gave me a lot of confidence that we are supposed to be together. we were together every second for 9 or 10 days and i ended up loving you more when we got back than when we left."


Krissa said...

What a sweet comment from Max!
Seems like a lovely place too!!!

Belen said...

*warm fuzzies*

*clicks tongue* Seriously, he knows what to say. Micaela, Micaela, Micaela, when will mine arrive? *dream smile*

Belen ♥

Geisslein said...

the comment from Max is so sweet and lovely. I´m happy for you, that you´ve found this great man and such a beautiful love! I´m shure you deserve it! and now I´d like to use Belen´s words: When will mine arrive? *sigh*

Marisa said...

i've said it before.. he is not your average guy... so open with his feelings and emotions.
Hold on tight dear M!

Annie said...

r.i.p. ben....

okay, the pics of you and your man are ADORABLE!!! you two are the cutest, sweetest thangs ever!!

missy. said...

ok that was probably the cutest thing ever. you lucky lady!!

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