Monday, October 5, 2009

Receive & Develop

Lo & Marisa told me about this... and i'm glad they did because it sounds fabulous.

Rhianne of the really charming blog, For The Easily Distracted : I am so thankful to be included in your photo swap!!!

(reminded me of this project i also fell in love with)


nicole addison said...

oh i love rhianne's project. im so excited about it :) have a great day lady!

Rhianne said...

Oh I hadn't seen that on Cup of Jo - I think camera projects may be my new favourite thing :)

Lo said...

I'm so excited for this project!! wo0o0 ho0o0o!! It's going to be fun finding things that make beautiful pictures :) I think i'll start this weekend while i'm at tasha's house!

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