Wednesday, December 10, 2008


exactly what i should be doing right now:

Midol exchanged my cramps with nausea.
I was given a bar of European milk chocolate and it's sitting on my desk begging to be bitten.

alas, i can not... i have to get weighed in about an hour.
did i tell ya i joined this "holiday trimmings" with my twin and our sister friends lauren & mehle? for 6 weeks every wens. we get weighed. Bloating because of PMS is not a good thing to have in my favor today.

my starting weight: 136.
I can't believe i am sharing that with the world *gasp* but am inspired by Oprah's confession over her battle with weight, so why not?

feeling uninspired today lovies.
sorry to invite you to my pity party. :(

*although this is inspiring + where pic is from.

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