Monday, December 29, 2008

A peek inside our space...

Saturday me and the boy decided to clean.

I will be the first to admit, I will never make the perfect house-wife cos I am much too spoiled and such a scatter brain... but i actually had fun cleaning because it needed to get done, but also... i was doing it with C. We are a team.

Surprisingly, i love to clean the bathroom and i don't mind doing dishes. Btw, I believe whole-heartily in the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers & the toilet wand.

Since I was breaking in my new camera, I wanted to show you lovies that I FINALLY hung up my latest Etsy buys.
*ps... that's where i got the name of this blog. Dolce Vita= My Sweet Life.

And then some :

the lamp i got for free from work. The two faces, from a garage sale... it says "devotion" on it and the seller received it as a gift from her her then husband when they were in Greece. [hmm.. is that bad luck?]

This beauty i got at an estate sale for $25. I love it!!! it's over our bed. It looked vintage and yet kind of westerny/goth. Had to have it.

Tomorrow I will show you my fave little spot in our casa. xo

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