Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jealous of David Letterman.

last night lover (happily) watched my girl Jen Aniston on the Letterman show. Can i just say i was being the total boy in our relationship? lol I mean did you see her legs?!!?!?
And her hair! just perfect.

I just think she is the cutest thing! I totally loooved her outfit too. That belt was fabulous!
The funny bit is when she gave Dave an early christmas gift. C knew what it would be RIGHT away. She gave him the tie she was wearing on her now famous GQ cover. C said my Christmas mission was to find one just like it so he can joke on air that it's the Jennifer tie. ;)


paula said...

um, yeah her legs are gorgeous. i now feel as if i need to hit the gym.

Tina said...

i was watching the friends season 10 and wow she looks amazing in every outfit! she looks so gorgeous there too!

Micaela said...

Paula I know EXACTLY what you mean! ha. Only in my case, I wish I could grow like 3 inches on my short legs!!! seriously.

Tina, she will always be Rachel Green to us huh? Ross' girl :) She was so cute when she had that layered haircut EVERYONE wanted when "Friends" first came out. She was rounder for sure, but it was cute on her! now she's Ms. YOGA. I guess I should be too!!! too bad i'm not flexible lol

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