Friday, December 26, 2008

The Christmas After.

I bet i'm the only girl with an office government job who has to work the day after Christmas. Oh well, I get to at least spend it with some of you lovies!!! :) and i can go to work with messy hair.

i hope you all had a WONDERFUL Christmas!!!! I had a BLESSED one.

in my family, we have never opened christmas gifts on christmas eve. Not One. And we are the only family I know that opens gifts AFTER eating dinner. Yes, DINNER. We're talking 6 p.m. It sucked growing up, but now as i'm older, i've grown to love it because christmas does last longer this way. Also, there's 6 of us kids in my family so it's always worked out, because we can each go to our significant other's houses to spend it with their families first.
Yesterday at dinner, Marianne & Maddie were talking about the food they had that morning. C's mom lives in California so he sweetly turned to me and said, "I'm sorry you only get to eat once on the holidays." There was something so simple and sweet when he said it, it touched my heart.

I love Christmas. love it!

and i got spoiled once again this year. C gave me the ONE thing i asked for...

a verrry cute pink camera!!! I almost didn't post this pic cos it was taken after a long christmas day right before bed. LOL reason i look so bla.

also got HOT carrie heels, Vera Wang Princess parfume + vera wang purse *funny thing is, i bought mom the EXACT same style & purse. In fact, when she opened it, she thought she was opening the gift she gave me! hahaha TOOOO FUNNY + "lovely" by SJP and a lot of other sweet things. I have the best family! C's Mom was good to me as well! it means more cos we haven't met yet, so her gifts were even more thoughtful. The best thing she gave me was a Van Gogh journal. My sweet boy didn't even tell her he is one of my fave artists. It's a sign. :)

Christmas 2008, you were good to me!
love you KISSmas,
Micaela xo

ps. I did ask C if we could make a birthday cake for Jesus. ;)

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