Monday, December 22, 2008

ugly Christmas sweaters!

Happy Monday lovies!!!

lover and i went to watch a awesome hockey game with his co-anchor and her husband (lovely couple!) It was "wear an ugly christmas sweater" night. I was sad we didn't find anything frou-frou at Goodwill, so i quickly thought back to my SEARS retail days of high school and KNEW that was our best bet.

*we sent this pic to his Mom from his phone... you'd think Blackberry could do better. ;) so apologise for quality but you get the idea. Still hoping for that camera for Christmas... hehe

These aren't frou-frou by any extremes... BUT-- We wouldn't generally buy these so that means something right? Plus... C is wearing a women's XL so.. haha cardinals with gemstones = ugly enough.

Every time our team scored, we'd "rub the cardinals." :)

lovely game that had a big group fight & went into OT & we won. More than i can say for our beloved Dallas Cowboys :(

we went and drank it up to console ourselves over that one....

1 comment:

EliandMe said...

Even in ugly his and hers (or hers and hers in this case) sweaters you guys are cute!

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