Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My first crush was a cartoon.

Before Kevin Costner (i guess i always had a thing for older men!), there was the X-Men. ha.
Seriously, we'd watch the cartoon every weekend!

Marianne loved Wolverine and I loved Gambit.
LOOOOVED him. I pretended i was Rouge and we were together and did "grown up things." ;)
I was sad they didn't put Gambit in the X-men movies. I mean what where they thinking?!?!!?

BUT! This weekend we saw the previews for the Wolverine movie and AHHH!!! my little girl heart stopped when i saw Gambit is going to make his debut! I agree... Josh Holloway would have been a lot better! LOST, i can't wait for you to start up again.

ps. oh come on, you KNOW you had a crush on a cartoon once in your life... Prince Eric from Little Mermaid anyone?


Geisslein said...

Hihi - I´ve always had a hang to older man too - so I can good understand what you mean! But I really LOVE Wolferine - or Hugh Jackman - aaah sigh....what a man!
Wish you a great start in 2009 and all the best for your in this new year! greetings from geisslein!

EliandMe said...

Do you know, the more I read of your blog the more I think you are just me on the other side of the world.

Wolverine, guilty. Prince Eric, guilty.

redframe said...

Back off honey, Gambit's mine!
Found you via Eliandme and the first thing I see is Rogue & Gambit locked in a passionate embrace? I'm sold!!!

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