Thursday, December 18, 2008

my "in-law." ;)

we were soooo excited when on lunch today we got a FedEx box from Vegas!!! which can only mean one thing: Christmas pressies from lover's SWEET mom!!! & his sister Julie. :)
They wrapped SOOO cute!!! isn't that one of the best thing about pressies? the thrill & excitement of unwrapping the lovely paper! Lover wasn't the only one who got spoiled! check out my goodies from his sweet Mom:

It's a cute Reebok bag for gym stuff. C pointed out there's stuff inside it, but I'm not allowed to open it. >:( lol not even on Christmas Eve.

Look! Lola even got something too :) It says, "To: Lola, From: Grandma." SOOO CUTE!!!!!

I've never met Chris' Mom in person, that's why all this means so much more to me. We almost met when I was in Arizona visiting my brother, and she lived in California. We've talked on the phone a couple of times, and I'm pretty sure we'll just hit it off. ;) I thank God for family! His has especially been spoiling us. His other sister and her family sent a Harry & David Gourmet Fruit/Jam/Chocolates box that we are planning to have a picnic in bed date with. :)


EliandMe said...

How exciting! Are you going to put them under the tree for Christmas Day or will that be too tempting for Lola?

Micaela said...

TOO tempting for lola :) i wish we could but she's been such a bad girl lately with her chewing fits! she started chewing the left side of our COUCH! i could have killed her. lol

Cyd said...

This is is so sweet! I love that she refers to herself as Grandma! My mom does the same thing, calls up and asks, "How's my granddog?"

Meg said...

how fun! i love christmas. i tagged you on my blog, hope you don't mind!

Micaela said...

You girls are sooo sweet!!! Cyd that is too cute about your Mom.

Meg, yay!!! That's FABULOUS! :)

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