Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Person of the Year

Congrats to my "husband" for being named Time Magazine's "Person of the Year." C was so excited to break the news to me. ;)

I stumbled upon this cool tid bit from Deb's blog called Oh?.
My Obama circa 1980.

When Obama was but a freshman at Occidental College in L.A, he was approached by an aspiring photographer, Lisa Jack; she thought he was cute, and wanted to take a few black and white photos of him for her portfolio. They only saw each other a few more times as students, but in 2005 she saw him on Capitol Hill during a tour, and apparently when she said hello, he knew exactly who she was. She found these photos again, but kept them hidden until after the election.

who would have thought?
How fascinating. :) Btw, my twinkie didn't know Obama was a smoker. I told her that he was trying to quit.

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