Monday, December 15, 2008

Realizations About Myself. Things I should have told you.

i'm spoiled.
i'm hard headed.
i cry during fights and need to make things better before going to sleep.
i can never sleep.

i usually get my way... that it sucks and shocks me when i'm completely wrong about something; mainly someone.

i smile a lot.
i find making eye contact with a total stranger a connection...even if it's only for a few seconds and that's it.

i'm easily jealous.
but can be careless when it comes to my own actions.
i'm hot and cold.

i like wine but only white wines....
i spend way too much money.
i love fashion and want to believe i deserve the finer things in life.
having said that, i will spoil the one i love as much as i can.

i close my eyes and think of italy and quickly stop myself because remembering is too much. but sometimes it gets me through the day.

i love perfume... blue...but my fave is "lovely" by SJP. I wear my Jean Paul on "special occasions" and "princess" is my signature scent--Simply Vera Wang!!!

i was the black sheep of the family--the one who always got in trouble and yet i'm the one the family "takes care of"

i eat way too fast.
i drink way too much.

i don't let go of things...not that easy or if ever.
i try and pray...but don't do it near as often.

i work way too much.
honestly, i'm bored or feel useless otherwise cos i'm so USED to working.

i will never take someone for granted and hate when i feel like i'm being taken for granted. (this goes for friends AND lovers)

i don't think anyone can be trusted 100% though i would love to believe...
because sometimes ignorance IS bliss.
i want the whole "white wedding"
but maybe lover's for life is more my style.
or... what i have been dealt with anyway.

i think/believe "she's every woman" by garth brooks is about me.



...hi dear meet another black sheep in the family... as I grow older I have become a multi-color sheep! Hee!!

orsoifeel said...

i am just dying right now because after linking to this older post of yours from your new post... i realize more than ever how alike we are... it is almost scary... almost your whole list fits... in fact i think i will have to make a list for myself.

and the song she's every woman... OMG -M- my ex use to tell me that was my song especially the part
"she'll rage just like a river than she'll beg you to forgive her."

your freaking me out girl

Micaela said...

it's scary isn't it M?! :)
scary in a good way... but honestly, i never though anyone thought the same as me except my twinkie... and then now not even really, because our life stories (mine and yours) are one in the same.

that EXACT line was the exact line my ex would say was about me when he sang it to me. Now how weird is THAT?

that song always broke my heart because it was exactly as i was...

please do make a list. i can't wait to see it. HUGS darling girl who is like my own heart. xo

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