Monday, December 1, 2008

Guilty of this....

...but I'm glad I'm not the only one who is!!! hahaha

my sister sent me this HILARIOUS article in Marie Claire.
*READ IT!!!! every girl will understand this :)

"Of course, we all have pasts. It's just that 10 years ago, our exes lived in piles of dusty photos buried in shoeboxes."

I have often wondered if curious girls have looked me up.
From this article, I hope they have.

Have you ever seen "Little Black Notebook?" Britany Murphy plays a producer on a show and uses her job to meet her bf's old girlfriends. She meets his "one-that-got-away" and actually sees what he saw in her. She says something like, "in some warped universe maybe we could have been friends."

Doubtful on that, ha BUT! something to think about.
so tell me... have you ever googled?
oh and btw, thank God (or not?) for private profiles!!!!


Joanna Goddard said...

omg that is SO funny. i have totally looked up ex girlfriends. it is FASCINATING!

EliandMe said...

I have never looked up his ex girlfriends (although of course I have looked up my ex boyfriends). Damn, now I am feeling a google itch... look what you've started!

EliandMe said...

Completely unrelated to this post but... how do I follow your blog? Normally there is a wee button that says 'follow this blog' but it seems to be missing here?

I need my daily dose of Micaela exuberance, its like a shot of coffee in the morning!

Micaela said...

oh no sweetie (about having the google itch!) ha that's funny though that you have always looked up YOUR ex's and not his. :) I guess all girls AREN'T curious, catty, jealous as i am. ha! I'm sure you are doing MUCH better than any of your exes, esp. now with this new gig! *CONGRATS AGAIN* about the second one? Not sure! lol I'm fairly new to blog spot so... ooh i hope you can figure it out so i can feel special! ;) xo

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