Friday, December 26, 2008

THE tie.

Lover's main pressie from me was THE tie. Yes, the one my girl crush Jen Aniston wore in her now famous GQ magazine cover. I thought of the idea after we saw her give one to David Letterman. I made a mental note.

C is the main news anchor at a station here. Our first Christmas together, I gave him a tie and was SO excited when he wore it on air the first time. It sounds very little girl-ish, but it was a very big deal to me... i guess that's how Monica Lewinsky felt when Bill wore her tie. ;)

The bad thing is, i knew it wasn't going to come in time before Christmas. I bought the magazine and printed out the tie from the website and wrote, "Coming Soon to a mailbox near you..."
He was super suprised!!! I was so glad.

i did tell him on the letter that i "wanted the mag back, pls!" lol

ps... we went and saw Marley & Me and LOVED it. We cried like babies.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love this tie. Where did you get it?


Hope you are well & and happy!!!!!

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