Friday, December 5, 2008

I've puked it all out.

I went to work for an hour yesterday before calling it quits for the day.
I was sick.
and no not fever... i would have welcomed that.
I had the stomach bug.
Over the toilet puking. :(
was not pretty.

Spent the whole work day in bed.

Didn't even get to go out with lover, twinkie, and friends for our thursday karokee night.

But i feel much better today [yay!]

because I forgot how nice a pill-induced sleep can be....

I missed you all!

and loved everytime my blackberry blinked to tell me i had a new blog comment. Was like an early christmas!!!! :)

xo to you all!!!!
Off to catch up on my SMITTEN.

pic stolen from lovely her, who felt the same way when she took it.


Leigh said...

Glad you're feeling better! Those days are the WORST.

You are my fave... said...

Throwing up is the worst! I hope you're feeling better. That photo is so cozy.

EliandMe said...

Aw you porr thing, hope you are feeling much better and having a great weekend!

Micaela said...

Now lovies, I have a cold :P ha, I guess that saying "watch what you wish for" is true. ha! But at least I can keep it at bay with Dayquill & meds. Kisses to you all! xo

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