Monday, December 8, 2008

Sweetness from a co-worker.

Betty gave me a sweet surprise for ANY monday blues.
She surprised me with this hand-made Santa Claus.

Doesn't he just look vintage?
The personal touch-- She remembered to include our baby, Lola.
I can't tell you how much it touched my heart!

On a Monday full of meetings/work bills/and power points needing to be done, it could have made me cry.



Sweetness & thoughtfulness is such a blessing...coming from a work environment is a BIG plus! Lovely new week to you beautiful!

Micaela said...

you're completely right-- BIG plus! :) thanks for the sweet wishes... already coming off to a great start darling! so I wish you just the same happiness xo

EliandMe said...

Wow that is a fabulous gift - you have the best Christmas decorations in the world!

I've added you to my blog roll, hope you don't mind x

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