Monday, December 1, 2008

Boggle fun!

my little niece Marina (pictured with my papa when she was a wee bit smaller) is PRECIOUS. She's a grandpa's girl. One of her favorite parts of her visits is when he would take her to the Mexican bakery to pick up pink conchas (a yummy mexican pastry). Just the two of them. She's a picky eater like her Momma was, but these, she eats almost whole!

Last night before a family game of Boggle (my new game board addiction), he was saran-wrapping a bunch of conchas to send to his little principessa. Look how happy he is :).

P.S. My mom is [amazingly] SO good at Boggle! haha it's all those word jumbles she does in the paper. My first game ever, I asked, "Do bad words count???" OF COURSE i would :) ha. My good papa said no but you should have heard the laughs from Momma and seesters when they FINALLY saw the word I saw:

hint: if you're not as good as my twinkie... start at the "s" and go around. ;)

thanks Maddie for introducing it to your family!!!

1 comment:

EliandMe said...

I love Boggle! I am so impressed with myself when I get any word more than two letters long. In our house, ALL words count, no matter how sweary ;)

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