Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Text I woke up to, from lover: "Merry Christmas eve beautiful! Love you!"

AND i got hot chocolate brought to me.

Pretty sure this is the BEST way to wake up.
no actually... the BEST would have been to wake up with him still in bed with me ;) but our lola woke up early. We joked that even though she's a puppy, she's excited cos she's "tracking" Santa. lol

good thing C let "mommy" sleep in because I stayed up late wrapping gifts. I'm so ashamed to admit how late i waited to get my shopping done...
But.... It's done!

one more thing to get; an add-on to my Papa's gift. $25 to McDonalds. lol yes really. My Momma LOVES their Big Mac. Loves it. The last time they got into a tiff... not even flowers could do it. My smart Papa went and surprised her with a McDonald's breakfast before she woke up one morning and let me tell you-- that was the secret. Lover thought that would be a great inside joke :).

Here's my gifts for C. I am not the fanciest wrapper and i ran out of ribbon :P

I let him open his stocking today while we were outside sitting on the back porch. I bought him 2 fancy OSU ornaments for our tree. That's two of our Christmas traditions: The stocking- because my family was never big on stockings. The stockings are for small thoughtful gifts and the essentials. And two, I will always give him an ornament for our tree.

Do you have any sweet traditions? I'd love to hear!!!

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