Monday, September 21, 2009

happy new week lovies!

Happy Monday!!!

I had exactly the weekend i needed (except for that Cowboys loss to the Giants!!! ouch. Darling Friend joked that he was going to call right after the game, but was "waiting on you to get over it.")

A nice get-away with girlfriends, the Britney Concert (who has a ROCKIN body though it was nothing like seeing her live the first time), college football, & lounging by the pool at twinkie's mother-in-laws' wondering where the TX sun was.

Friday night after the concert, we went to the House of Blues, before making our way to the Industry Bar in Luisville. We stayed with a gf of Erin's at her beautiful house. Seriously beautiful, that it completely felt like we were at a gorgeous bed and breakfast.

Saturday was nothing but college football! Erin went to Texas Tech (as did all her friends) so we were all decked out in red and black to cheer them on at the National Sports Lounge in downtown Dallas. Oh we wanted Texas Tech to win so bad...

Sunday when i got home, i spent the time fixing up my house. It's starting to feel like a house again, and it will be nice to get back to feeling like "normal" (whatever that means). I talked a lot with darling friend, and that was incredibly nice. He doesn't feel so far away then. Btw- he had his first on-air day yesterday and he did great! I'm so happy for that. Oh and our Noles won Saturday- GO FSU!!!!!

Twinkie's mother-in-law is really the greatest. In fact, I call her Mom. Mom just bought a new car and gave her old convertible top to Marianne. I'm so happy my twinkie has a new car!!! (she needed it- her poor car kept dying on her. We've never had "new" cars, so i'm so happy for her). Like Lo said, "i forsee a lot of crazy nights in that car!!!" and as i added- we do have "convertible hair."

it was a busy weekend for your Micaela, but one that she absolutely needed.

my little Maverick who had a "girls weekend" too.

She stayed with Michelle, my friend John's beagle.
Aren't they precious?

and ooh, if you love pizza like i do, twinkie's mother-in-law took us out in Sundance Square (downtown Ft. Worth is beautiful) where we had chicago styled pizza at Uno. I have never tasted a better pizza crust. YUM.

i do so hope you lovies had an equally great weekend.

I can't wait to read about yours. xo


Annie said...

oh my, that pizza looks amazing!
so glad you had such a great weekend hun :) you deserved it!
the pups are adorable!!

Geisslein said...

I´m shure you deserved that great weekend...and the dogs are to cute! Now I wish you a wonderful week with a lot of smiles! xo.

missy. said...

i am so glad you had a good weekend! it sounds fabulous.

mina said...

that pizza looks delicious. i am trying to be good (you know, trying to fit into a wedding dress and all) do you think it would be too diva-like of me to send a memo out to all bloggers to stop posting food pictures?

MArisa said...

what a great weekend.
aside from cowboys..WHAT?

friend of mine saw Britney a ouple weeks ago when she was up here...she said the same thing about her perfect figure.

Marisa said...

umm... M, I have that same shirt

Micaela said...

Mina, you are going to make a BEAUTIFUL bride. you have nothing to even lose! you're gorgeous.

M, as much as I hate to admit it, Britney really is inspiring. I mean the girl was at ROCK BOTTOM after being on top of the world. One of the best interviews she ever gave was on Diane Sawyer... she did the ugly cry and i thought she was so beautiful because she was real. Now look at her!

Now how CRAZY is it that we have THE SAME shirt?!!?!? M, we're meant to be. That's all there is to it ;)

love you!

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