Wednesday, April 1, 2009

because i still make wishes at 11:11...

i wish i felt THIS completely happy again.
i wish i felt THIS beautiful again.
and i wish to not feel so cold sometimes...
cold in my heart.
because it's hurting you.
it- my heart- is not empty.
i wish i would remember that more often.

i'm sorry.

*images from this LOVELY blog i've just discovered, thx to this equally fantastic one.


EliandMe said...

Your heart is so far from being empty and cold - you are one the most warm and generous and open people I have ever (virtually) met. Therefore, I predict that all your wishes will come true.


There's always time that we feel cold inside, we feel empty inside... that we wish a lot of things in our lives...
My very dear new friend!
you are completely happy.
you are completely beautiful!
please don't forget to be happy! because you deserves that!

and about picnic! are you ready?! let's go! and of course I don't mind some wine! :p


The Socialite said...

This is such a beautiful post...boy oh boy you must write some beautiful stuff your lovers! lol I like EliandMe completely believe all your wishes will come true! Don't stop wishing on 11:11 - I don't. :)

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