Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy 100 Obama Days!!!

sent this email to my family
(and since you're my family too) :

Nakita sent me this pic and it MADE MY DAY!!!!

love you all!!
Mickey xo

ps. Also--- HOW ABOUT MY MAVERICKS!?!?!!?! :) They defeat the Spurs in the first round series!!!!!

we made vegetarian sloppy joe's on onion rolls, hot chips, and maybe one beer to celebrate the WIN we KNEW would come!!!!

ps. It's going to be SUCH a great Wens! it was dark outside and the rain poured from the heavens!!! this is my kinda weather. I just wish i wasn't stuck at my desk and out on our porch watching it instead.


The Socialite said...

I totally thought of you when the game was on TV! lol - I haven't had sloppy joes in forever, I'm sure your veggie sloppy joes must be delightful! ;) You know what I love during gloomy weather is to curl up to a good drama or mystery movie! I watched The Reader during gloomy weather & it just added to the movie! :)

Micaela said...

so cute you thought of me!!! What a game!!!!

I SO would have LOVED to have watched "The Reader" during gloomy weather because you are absolutley right, it would have COMPLETELY added to it :)

please go see "Sunshine Cleaning," you'll love it. I just know it :)

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