Thursday, April 30, 2009

it's the small things.

lovies, I'm sure you've fallen in love with Naomi's idea. I so have enjoyed reading the ten things that make you happy. Here's my little list of happiness:

10 things that make me happy

1. puppy kisses
2. movie previews
3. childhood stories
4. wearing high heels
5. Elton John on the radio
6. thunderstorms
7. kindness (and being kind) to strangers
8. big hugs
9. my twin sis, who i call my twinkie
10. Van Gogh paintings


The Socialite said...

This is such a perfect list! I think she should feature this one for sure - what else is sweeter than puppy kisses, really?!

Micaela said...

Awww you are always the sweetest!!! You should make a list. :) i'd love to see it!

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