Friday, April 10, 2009


I felt like this, after a full lunch at Chili's with darling friend:

I'm not a fan of the restaurant, but let me tell you- their new lunch special may have converted me. Chips and the best kinda salsa/endless VEGETARIAN southwestern style soup/caesar salad. My tummy was happy!!!!

Then i had to go back to work, while he got to go play with the puppies.
I wanted to be with them. :(

SO HAPPINESS when my boss just said I could go home at 3:30!!! *happy Micaela!!! and that was oh, a minute ago... so I am out!!! :) i just wanted to wish you lovies a VERY HAPPY EASTER!!! and to remember what the holiday is TRULY about. *Thanks Jesus!!!!

*cutesy pic from here.


Courtney said...

Happy Easter to you too! We have lots happening this weekend! Today my favorite two year old Amelia (the one I blogged about baby-sitting) came over and we decorated eggs! That was fun and messy! I still have to find something to wear to Church but as usual I'm waiting until the last minute!

Nicole Marie said...

have a great weekend!

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