Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh No She Didn't!!!

Joanna had naturally a great post earlier this week on SMITTEN pertaining to the very uncandid interview with Mrs. Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen.
Have you SEEN her photo spread?
She looks great (duh!). I mean sick hot. Like the header said, "And God created Gisele..."

Joanna pointed out what we girls have all done- compared ourselves to our ex's new gf. I used to do the opposite. I would think of myself in comparison to his last girlfriend/wife. There's a bizarre curiosity to the girl he used to love. ["Little Black Book" is a cute movie all about this]

Just imagine if you were Bridget Moynahan and had to see Gisele EVERYWHERE [i would NEVER buy Victoria Secret] and hear how she thinks of your baby as hers, 100%, and she's never even met you.

Don't you just feel for Bridget? and wonder what she must be thinking? Gisele may have the world's most perfect body... BUT, look at Brady's REAL baby's Momma:

She was good enough to be the one who stole Big's heart in Sex and the City (who could forget Natasha???), shes good enough for me :)


Nicole Marie said...

I love Bridget the best! I think she is so much more naturally beautiful!

The Socialite said...

I could not agree more! To call that baby 100% hers would drive me nuts! I totally disliked Brady when I first heard he left his pregnant girlfriend who he'd been with for 4 yrs & she wanted to get married & he "wasn't ready" & look he met a model and married her! :/

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